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How to Influence Your Family to Do Yoga Together

How to Influence Your Family to Do Yoga Together

Mar 31,2022
Let's set up the scene. For example, a Wednesday evening. Work is ending. The school day is over. Everyone is quietly busy, perhaps reading a book, making a snack, starting a meal, or playing a game. No one seems to need you, so now is the moment you've been waiting for: time to unroll your yoga mat and start a quick practice.

The appearance of your mat is like a beacon. Does the slight swish of air bounce around the house as it hits the floor? Will the subtle collision of rubber and wood reverberate from room to room, reminding everyone that somewhere nearby, yoga is about to begin? Whatever it is, all of a sudden, everyone wants to know what you're doing.

Like moths to a flame, they are pulled towards the mat. They come together, maybe to get your attention, maybe just to get close to where the magic happens. They might give you some advice on how to improve your yoga practice, or they might ask to turn around so they can show you their handstand, crow pose, and forward fold. If this sounds familiar, you're doing it right. Yoga is on their radar: it's fun, looks fun, and god knows you'll be in a better mood afterward. So where are you going from here?

Everyone in your track has already benefited from your yoga practice. Your mat time makes you a better partner, parent, child, and co-worker. A home that includes a exercise yoga mat as part of its furniture will lead a family to realize the practice and experience its benefits firsthand. They see you on your mat again and again, putting in work. They will notify you when they are ready to join you.

Yoga with kids
Yogi parents of young children know this practice. As soon as you get on your PVC yoga mat, they want to get involved. When your kids are young, they just want to be around you. Put them on their own mat, give them some yoga props to play with, and they'll probably stay there long enough to get you into a downward dog or two.

Older children may be ready to accept more structure or imitate what you do. Remember, the goal is not to make your child a great yogi; it's to expose them to a practice you enjoy and let them know it's something that can support them throughout their lives.

If you have teens, you can offer to take them to class or practice with them at home, but don't practice yoga too hard (though you know it's helpful for them!) because they may turn against you. Even if they grew up practicing yoga at home, they had to do it on their own.

Adult yoga

You may be very excited to get your partner or your parents involved in yoga, but remember that just like teenagers, they will be on their own journey. Think back to your days as a beginner. Share the things you wish someone told you and your "aha" moments, but don't get into every alignment detail.

Find a yoga practice for their level to attend with so that their information comes from a trusted third party and you are just there to seek support and answer their questions. The best way to get your family involved in yoga is to offer it in large quantities according to their conditions. You can't go their way for them, but you can open the door and give them a beautiful view! Come to yoga mats manufacturer to find yoga mats for home yoga!

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