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Some announcement about yoga exercise

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Some announcement about yoga exercise

Dec 02 ,2017

To yoga beginners, you need to know some knowledge about yoga exercise.

By knowing them, you can practice it more safely and effectively.

1. Meditation exercise
Meditation is a conscious state. When you do meditation exercise, you need to calm your heart and concentrate your spirit on inner body. Meditation can relieve nervous muscle and nerve and recover energy. And it can also improve concentration and make mood mild.

2. Place choice of yoga exercise

Yoga exercise needs to be harmonious with nature. So it should be in quiet, clean outside. If it can’t be in such outside, it should be in ventilated room which had better have some green plants.

3. Time choice of yoga exercise

Body state is different in different period. And the best time for Yang yoga exercise is the sunrise from horizon line. Some body post such as sun salutation, ashtanga can get better effect. While in the evening, people get exhausted after one day work. So they should choose some body post of Yin yoga exercise such as stretch of joints or ligament or adjustment of channels and col laterals.

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