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Why Apple Inc choose us

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Why Apple Inc choose us

Nov 07 ,2017


In March, 2011, Apple Inc. sent us an inquiry about mouse pads and they wanted to import natural rubber mouse pads.  Because their employees have strict requirements about mouse pads, they want to find a trusted mouse pad supplier who can provide high quality natural rubber mouse pads for their employees. After some detailed research, we provided them excellent products and services.


In order to help Apple Inc to meet the requirements of their employees. We designed a special natural rubber mouse pad for them:

· 1) Environmental rubber material plus waterproof fiber surface

· 2) Non-toxic, smell-less mouse pads with beautiful patterns

· 3) Mouse pads are smooth on surface and anti-slip on backing side

· 4) The size can lengthen to 90cm and broaden to 40cm, which makes mice slide more freely.


“The mouse pads are very good and very welcomed by our employees. We have a good cooperation with Anhui Baishengmei Co., Ltd.” —Mr. Brown, Purchasing Manager of Apple Inc.

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