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What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

Mar 19 ,2021

Depending on how dirty your wool yoga mat may be, you may feel it’s time to clean it.

Here are the options to clean your wool yoga mat:

  1. Shake the dust
  2. Vacuum clean
  3. Spot clean
  4. Handwash
  5. Machine wash
  6. Dry cleaning
Dust your wool yoga mat to remove any debris, dust that may have accumulated. Shake it outside and let it air out to get rid off of any smells.
  1. Vacuum clean once a week.
  2. Spot clean any spills or stains.
  3. Hand wash with a wool detergent.
  4. Use your washing machine in a gentle cycle with cold water and wool detergent and without centrifuging.
  5. Take it to a professional dry cleaner and explain any specific stains you want them to remove and what caused them. It will be easier for the dry cleaner to remove the stain.

To help you decide which is the best option; it will depend on how dirty or stained your wool yoga mat is and what caused the stain.

If you plan to store your wool yoga mat, clean it beforehand and put it in an airtight plastic bag for long-term storage. For extra protection, add a dry lavender sachet to deter months, carpet beetles, or silverfish coming any close to your wool yoga mat.

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