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New design balance fitness yoga brick/blocks for balance training

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New design balance fitness yoga brick/blocks for balance training

wholesale new styles of yoga blocks from junzhuotrading
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New design balance fitness yoga brick/blocks for balance training

Product Information

1. Product Name: EVA Yoga Block

2. Material: EVA

3. Features:

(1) EVA Yoga Block Foam Block, an exercise tool for family fitness 

(2) Yoga block is an auxiliary tool for beginners and inflexible practitioners.

(3) It can help us to adjust our gestures to accomplish some movements.

(4) Helps to avoid part of the body tension because of your stiffness

(5) This tool will take any part of your body as a stretching aid.


Size: about 23x15x8cm (9.1*5.5*2.8in)

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