Professional yoga series manufacturer

Six years of experience in yoga series production

Founded in 2011, Baishengmei is focus on yoga mat manufacturing and production for 6 years.

Our company has optimized the production process and improved the efficiency to realize lean production. And workshops are equipped with modern equipment and arranged with effective layout. And all these are implemented under the design of exoerts and  guidance of advanced soft procedure data.

From material to package, every step is carefully treated.

About material, The natural rubber material is selected from South-east Asia.

About technique, the most advanced technology is used to make high quality product.

a. High cutting technology makes the edge of rubber mats smooth.

b. Laser engraving results in clear lines on the rubber mats

c. Adoption of advanced heat integration technology from Taiwan

Adoption of the technology results in no wrinkles and frills, anti-slip and shock resistance.

About production capacity, my company has two production lines of natural rubber foam and three production lines of natural rubber mats which can make 15,000 mm of natural rubber foam every day and 20,000 pieces of rubber yoga mats, 40,000 pieces of rubber floor mats and 5 million of rubber mouse pads every month.

Welcome to our factory!

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