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How to choose the thickness of yoga mat?

  • June 20,2017.
Yoga mat supplier: How to choose the thickness of yoga mat? The thicker the better?

Nowadays, many people asked me how to choose yoga mat. Most people thought the thicker the better .Is it true?
The answer is no.

The thicker yoga mat may good for green hand to avoid getting injured .If you have over 2 years experiences in yoga mat, you’d better to choose the thinner yoga mat , like the 4mm
or 3mm.

Balance and stability is important for yoga exercise, 4mm thickness of the yoga mat is better than 6mm or 7mm. Bai sheng mei natural rubber yoga mat is tasteless and sweat absorbing .From beginning to end, you will feel comfortable

If you like travel, I advice to choose 2mm thickness of the yoga mat, It is easy to carry. Whatever you go hiking or climb the mountain, you can with them easeful, because of the light weight. If you have a car to arrive your destination, 4mm yoga mat may good choice too